Kelso – MTB Trail

Old Bell School Line and Steeles Ave. W., Milton
Posted on June 20, 2016
Kelso – MTB Trail
Listing Types : MTB Trail
Location : Central Ontario
Note : Popular
Total Trail Km : 16
MTB Track % : 40
Double track % : 30
Hiking trail % : 30
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
Terrain : smooth soil, structures, crushed gravel, can be muddy, flat rock, flat sections, large hills, steep hills, open field, twisty & gnarly, tree roots, rocky patches
Faclities : parking, food close by, toilet, outhouse, trailhead map, good signage, trails maintained

Length – 16 km

40% MTB single track
30% hiking trail
30% double track access roads

Elevation –  Part of a ski hill, most of the riding in on the top flat section with a few fast runs down the hill.

Terrain – Trails have smooth soil, gravel, rocky sections and can be muddy.

Skill – All levels, best for experienced riders

Traffic – Mountain bike riders, hikers on the Bruce Trail.

Maps – at pay booth, signs on the trail

Facilities – parking lots, outhouse, swimming in the lake

Highlights – Fast trails down the ski hill, views over the cliffs,

Trail Fee – $ 6.75, good for a ride at Hilton too

Phone – 905 878 5011

Website – Conservation Halton

Similar Trails – Hilton Falls,  Agreement Forest, BRMC

Local Clubs – HAFTA

Access –  On the top, Summit Gatehouse: 401 west to Hwy 25, south towards Milton, west on Hwy. 8 (Steeles Ave.) 4km, parking north side at Old Bell School Line.

Trailhead is at the top of the ski hill which has most of the loops, though you can also park at the base. 

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Kelso Conservation Area has a good trail system which has become popular. Most of the track is on the top of the escarpment and this is the best place to park the car.

There is a real mix of terrain and skill required here. Sure a beginner could ride some of the trail, but experienced riders will get the most from the loops.

The one big hill is part of the ski slopes of Glen Eden and a few nice routes take you to the bottom which you will need to grind back up.

There is a gravel road to get up to the top on the east side too.

Lots of single-track trails that weave and intertwine through trees, rocks and fields. Some straight hiking trail across farm fields and wooded sections. Yawn…

One very large hill — tough going up, a blast going down. (try Snakes and Ladders) Fabulous views of the cliff area which suits a group photo. Colour coded signs rate trails.

Kelso will be closed if there is any chance of erosion from rain, so check if you want to go right after a big downpour, it likely will be closed.

Near the top parking lot is a clump of trees with a few hidden, nasty stunts if you dare.

Further in are some nice wood structures to play on if you are up to it.

..and stay away from the edge of the cliff. It has claimed lives.

This a is good ride, popular, but overrated. It has some nice but short black diamond runs yet a lot of it is basic forest and field track. Where is the thrill in that? I have seen elsewhere more offered, yet the riders come.

Kelso MTB trails map

Kelso MTB trails map

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