• Easy to Intermediate - Eldrid King Forest Tract is a little known, medium-sized ride area for MTB riders ( Fat Bikes like the sand) to try at least once. There are a few hilly spo...
    Total Trail Km: 20
    MTB Track %: 30
    Double track %: 40
  • 6 km - Easy to Intermediate - Taylor Creek + Warden Woods is a beautiful stretch of park ravine trail that winds toward the Don Valley. Though short, it has interesting bridges, al...
    Total Trail Km: 10
    Park Path %: 100
  • Easy to Advanced - The Niagara River Recreation Trail is one of the best park rides in Ontario. As this paved, and well used path winds along the Niagara River you never get bored...
    Total Trail Km: 53
    Park Path %: 90
  • Easy - Tommy Thompson Park, the Leslie Spit is a long flat bike cruise out onto Lake Ontario. This man-made peninsula is still open to the public only on weekends and holidays. The...
    Total Trail Km: 12
    Park Path %: 30
  • Intermediate - Whitchurch Conservation Area is a good short park style, off road ride east of Aurora. Relatively flat trails that are wide and easy to ride in this forested area. ...
    Total Trail Km: 8
    MTB Track %: 10
    Double track %: 60
  • Easy - The Caledon Rail Trail cuts through typical Ontario farm country with numerous vistas. One of the most popular rail trails likely because it was one of the first and is the ...
    Total Trail Km: 39
    Double track %: 90
  • Easy - The Morrison Valley Park Trail is a short pleasant bike ride in the center of Oakville.  Most of the path runs parallel to the water on each side. This makes for a quick loo...
    Total Trail Km: 8
    Park Path %: 95
  • Easy - Though the Nokiidaa (Tom Taylor) bike trail is not a popular name, this park trail from Aurora through Newmarket is. Any weekend, locals cruise this park path along the cree...
    Total Trail Km: 18
    Park Path %: 90
  • Easy -The Hamilton Beach Park Trail is a very scenic, easy and relaxing bike path along the edge of Lake Ontario. With the trail hugging the shoreline you get great views of the l...
    Total Trail Km: 12
    Park Path %: 100
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