• Easy - A bit of the country in the city. With a very enjoyable ferry ride to get to the Toronto Islands, you can experience some fresh air and open space on a f...
    Total Trail Km: 15
    % Park Path: 30
  • Easy - Advanced - Wildwood Conservation Area offers a very pleasant cross-country type of mountain bike ride most riders can handle. With a variety of terrain a...
    Total Trail Km: 25
    MTB Track %: 30
    Double track %: 20
  • Intermediate to Advanced - Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve is a huge private forested area due north of the town of Haliburton. Endless trail can be found ...
    Total Trail Km: 300
    MTB Track %: 30
    Double track %: 40
  • Though not large, it is a good size and not your standard concrete skateboard affair. BMX and Free-Riders will have a bit of fun here since it was designed for...
    Total Trail Km: 3
    MTB Track %: 50
    Double track %: 50
  • Intermediate to Expert - Buckwallow is one fine MTB ride on the Canadian Shield. Just north of Gravenhurst by Hwy 11 you will find a bit of everything from craz...
    Total Trail Km: 32
    MTB Track %: 70
    Double track %: 30
  • Easy to Advanced - Out in Eastern Ontario, in the middle of farm country lies Limerick Forest north of Preston. Here you will find a trail system that mountain ...
    Total Trail Km: 180
    MTB Track %: 40
  • Easy to Expert - Just north of Sault Ste. Marie in the wooded highlands are some excellent riding trails for any mountain biker in need of a spin while travelin...
    Total Trail Km: 26
    MTB Track %: 70
  • Easy - Out in Orangeville at Island Lake Conservation Area is a park path that loops around the lake which makes for a very pleasant day outing.On a summer ...
    Total Trail Km: 12
    MTB Track %: 20
    % Park Path: 80
  • Easy - Tommy Thompson Park, the Leslie Spit is a long flat bike cruise out onto Lake Ontario. This man-made peninsula is still open to the public only on weeken...
    Total Trail Km: 12
    % Park Path: 30