• Easy to Intermediate - Centennial Park, north of King City is the place beginner mountain bike riders need to practice their skills. It's easy, not too long and...
    Total Trail Km: 5
    MTB Track %: 100
  • Moderate - Advanced Ride - Toronto's best MTB ride spot is the Don Valley in the center of town called Crothers Woods. OK, officially it's the only ride spot th...
    Total Trail Km: 15
    MTB Track %: 30
    Double track %: 20
  • 6 km - Easy to Intermediate - Taylor Creek + Warden Woods is a beautiful stretch of park ravine trail that winds toward the Don Valley. Though short, it has int...
    Total Trail Km: 10
    % Park Path: 100
  • Easy to Intermediate - Coulson's Hill Forest Tract is a small but worthy woodlot to explore. The one slope that makes it a hill will give you a workout as many ...
    Total Trail Km: 15
    MTB Track %: 35
    Double track %: 25
  • Intermediate - Awenda Provincial Park is a medium-sized park on the shores of Georgian Bay. There is one main trail that is a circular loop; an easy ride for th...
    Total Trail Km: 10
    MTB Track %: 10
  • Easy - In the centre of Oshawa I discovered this short but excellent park ride for cyclists. Though not too long at 6.5 km (one way) the Oshawa Creek (Joseph Ko...
    Total Trail Km: 7
    % Park Path: 90
  • Easy - Christie Lake Conservation Area just north of Hamilton is ideal for the beginner mountain biker. The trails are easy, well-designed and safe to ride. Her...
    Total Trail Km: 16
    MTB Track %: 60
    Double track %: 20
  • Easy - The Morrison Valley Park Trail is a short pleasant bike ride in the center of Oakville.  Most of the path runs parallel to the water on each side. This m...
    Total Trail Km: 8
    % Park Path: 95
  • Intermediate to Advanced - Ravenshoe (Brown Hill Tract) offers a lot of compact gnarly, technical twisty, fun in a small woodlot. A challenging, well-designed ...
    Total Trail Km: 15
    MTB Track %: 50
    Double track %: 20