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AH the joys of riding your beloved bike, the wind blowing in your hair, zipping along…

Ok, the reality is traffic is no joy nor is buckets of rain. So check the status before you launch into exiting the house for your next bicycle ride.

Check the traffic is flowing, there are no roads closures going your way, then look for sunny skies and good times.

Often I find the weather is not only different than where you live, it’s better! So don’t hesitate, saddle up your pony and get rid’n, Yee Haw!

Here are a few links and maps to help you get going :

Ontario 511 – main Ontario traveller resource -traffic maps, road closures, accidents, traffic cams…

City of Toronto – map of road restrictions, closures

Ottawa Traffic Map – and other traffic related info  – tons of weather map layers

Open Weather – another weather service to compare

Traffic Volume

Local Weather

Rain/Snow Accumulation in the Next Week

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