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OBT icon Ontario Bike Trails .com aims to list the best off road bicycle riding trails in the province. I am working on building that list to be as complete as possible. Rides are only posted after I have ridden the trails and amassed the most details possible to inform you.

The focus is on where the bike trails are and to give you as much detail to plan your next ride.

It’s a site to inspire you to try somewhere different. Also this a site to help promote all the different ways to ride a bike off the road at any age.

From the kids who follow their parents on an easy Rail Trail to lovers riding Park Trail, or teens going aerial on BMX tracks to retired seasoned MTB riders still getting a thrill, there is a ride in Ontario for you to discover.

I put this site together because of three things.

  1. My love of exploring on my MTB bike
  2. I like working with maps
  3. To share my knowledge of trails from years of riding them

OBT Unique Site Features:

  • Consistent Reviews – I writes all the reviews so you can evenly compare trails. This avoids inconsistent comments, errors, duplicate entries, broken links…
  • Full Coverage – Trails are posted only when fully researched and I have ridden them (95%). No half ass listings of rumours of a sweet trail down some secret trailhead…
  • Best Rides – Only the better trails make the cut. Not any old loop will make it. They need to be at least +5 km, well maintained, legal and FUN to ride.
  • Focus is on Trails – this site may mention gear, technique, biking news but the focus is the ride and where they are.


Ontario Bike Trails was conceived once I found the right web software to publish my info in the right manner. The site is all about TRAILS, and MAPS – where they are, and what are they like. It’s a map site that even helps you with driving directions and the current weather.

Other bike sites are into mainly gear and racing, we are all about the riding and where to find it. I want to inform you as best as possible so you can make the right choice. (before you head out the door)

And avoid driving for hours to find that the trails not what you expected and be disappointed. It’s happened to me too often, hence I am sharing my experiences so you can enjoy the sport and share it with your friends.

About Me

I remember my first bike, do you? It was a red coaster. I had a few crappy bikes in my youth till I heard about this thing called “mountain biking” back in 1985.

I set out to try this off road concept by buying a Norco Bush Pilot (yeah, it was red too) and I still have it. 

I headed to Northern Ontario that summer to conquer the trails. Seems no one knew what mountain biking was except a park warden who told me to “stay of the trails, I could be a menace, more studies had to be made…use the dirt road”

Alas 10 years passed doing road cycling before I started seeing any sign of trail rides. I met a dozen keen riders one summer in the Toronto Bicycle Network club on a trip I lead to McGregor Point.

We continued to ride trails together that fall and the MTB group in TBN was formed. I ran that group for more then ten years and enjoyed riding and leading on many of the trails you see on this site. As the ranks changed, the group thinned out, everyone moved on.

Since 2013 I have been working part-time on this site to make it the place to visit when you need ideas on where to ride and get accurate info. On weekends I scout farther away from my home base on the east side of Toronto.

It’s been a long haul to get this far with plenty of testing, upgrades and design changes. I hope you like it and I welcome feedback. The site has been redesigned three times.

I have a professional photographic/video background and like mapping so expect to see more of this content on the site. It just takes lots of time and real money to produce what you see.

If you like this site and use it, then why not support the cause and donate a wee sum to my beer fund.      

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have an awesome ride and see ya on the trail  – DAN ROITNER

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