• Easy to Intermediate - As a new trail (in the making), the Millennium Rail Trail holds promise to serve as a convenient and scenic way to travel through Prince Edward County. At 4...
    Total Trail Km: 49
    Double track %: 80
  • Easy - The ery Provincial Park out on Lake Huron has a 13 km bike trail that is worth listing because it is a popular loop for all the family campers at this park. An easy loop for...
    Total Trail Km: 13
    Park Path %: 50
  • Easy - In Algonquin Park the Old Railway Trail is one of the more scenic and popular trails campers use for recreation. What once was a busy train line to ship lumber out from the ...
    Total Trail Km: 16
    Double track %: 90
  • Easy to Advanced - The Georgian Rail Trail going from Collingwood through Thornbury to Meaford is one of the more popular bike rides for locals and tourists. This pleasant and easy...
    Total Trail Km: 32
    Double track %: 95
  • Intermediate to Expert - Buckwallow is one fine MTB ride on the Canadian Shield. Just north of Gravenhurst by Hwy 11 you will find a bit of everything from crazy rock ridges to fri...
    Total Trail Km: 32
    MTB Track %: 70
    Double track %: 30
  • Easy to Intermediate - A popular park trail locals love to cruise on in Ottawa is the Rideau Canal. As it winds from Hogs Back Fall locks up to the Ottawa River it offers an ever c...
    Total Trail Km: 10
    Park Path %: 90
  • Easy to Expert -Hardwood Ski and Bike north of Barrie, is a private, well- managed playground to let loose your energy . Tons of variety and skill challenges for everyone. You can...
    Total Trail Km: 50
    MTB Track %: 60
    Double track %: 40
  • Easy to Expert - This is an indoor BMX/ MTB riding park in a converted Markham factory space with wooden ramps, bridges and stunts. A great way to hone your riding techniques on a ...
  • Intermediate to Expert - Sir Sam's is a medium-sized /downhill ride location with trail on the slopes of a ski hill up in cottage country, just north of Halliburton. Here you will ...
    Total Trail Km: 23
    MTB Track %: 100
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