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Groomed Fat Bike Trails in Ontario

When the snows blow but you still have the bike bug in you, it’s time to pull out your trusty fat bike for another winter on the powder.

As you know, you can take your fat bike out and find many local parks and woodlots to ride in. Good fun up to a point, and an excellent use of those beefy tires.

eBikes Part 2: How Do They Work?

Here in Part 2, I get into the different designs, types of motors, battery power and options that exist. My first comment is that there are a lot of choices. Technology is rapidly changing and what you see today will likely evolve greatly in the next decade. Exciting stuff!

eBikes Part 1: Should I Buy One?

In the last few years, you can’t help noticing that eBikes have arrived in Canada and the numbers are growing. Most of us have wondered what the difference is and if we should buy an eBike one day.

Europeans adopted them sooner than we did, using them as an efficient, low-cost way to do many things a car did—often faster, and with less effort and cost.

My Bike & Barge Tour in Holland

Though not an Ontario bike trail destination, this one certainly has to be on your list. If you ever have the chance to cycle in Holland, you will love it! I can’t rave about it enough. It’s truly the best country in the world for cycling.

And the way my wife and I did it made it even more unique: we took a Bike & Barge tour of Southern Holland during the last week of May 2022.

Cycling in Holland & Denmark is the Best

In May 2022 my wife Teresa and I set off for a cycling adventure in northern Europe. We knew it might be a good destination. We booked a bike and barge tour in southern Holland (this will be the subject of a future post) and also spent time cycling in the cities of Amsterdam and Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Within days we knew we were riding the best bike paths in the world!

OBT Newsletter May 2022

This is a sample of the most recent Newsletter. I send one out maybe 5 times a year. Below is the form to get on the list.

What a fine week for a bike ride it has been in the province. I hope you have been out enjoying the weather, we’ve got rain coming by Monday so get on your bikes.

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