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Bicycle Trail & Tour Guides

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Hazards on the Bike Trail

Learn what the hazards are when riding trails in Ontario. And how to cycle safely and avoid ticks, poison ivy, giant hogweed and other dangerous trail issues.

A little education will lessen the concerns of anyone apprehensive about riding.

OBT Bike Trail Guide

This site now has its own cycling trail guide. Buy your copy as an eBook or as a Paperback (eBook included) here.

65 of Ontario’s best Park and Rail trails reviewed with maps and photos to help you plan your next bicycle outing.

Winter Fatbike Riding in Ontario

When winter comes around in Ontario most of us fair weather riders put our bikes away. But Fat Bikes are a new design of mountain bike that enables riders keen on riding year round to get out of the spin classes and do real riding. This new trend evolves our bike sport to new possibilities and one day I see it in the winter Olympics.

What is a Bicycle Park Path?

What would a cyclist experience riding a Park Path/ Trail in Ontario.

And how do the bike routes differ on this is site as City Park or Forest Park type rides.

What is Mountain Biking?

This is a quick overview of what the sport of mountain biking is, and whether you might enjoy it. Find out what it is like to ride the trails, what kind of bike to buy and what to bring on the ride.

There is list of suggested beginner MTB trail locations in Ontario as well.

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