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How to Dress for Cold Weather Cycling

When the warm summer winds fade, many of us hang up our bicycles in the garage, never to be used again till next spring. And so goes the lifestyle of the fair-weather pedaler.

Well, let me warm you up to the idea that you can bike ride all year round. The notion that it is too chilly to continue riding into the fall certainly seems insane by the time winter arrives. If nothing else, you can extend your cycling season by several months just by having the right clothing.

Where to Safely Take Kids Cycling?

My nephew Anthony recently asked me for advice on where he could take his son cycling. Having gone through many years of biking with my son Trevor in tow, I know that kids can get bored easily and parents can get concerned about road safety. I gave it some thought, then sent him a shortlist of suggestions. Then I wrote this article to expand on it.

Using Travel Guides – to Plan Bike Rides

I have used travel guides for most of my life as a valuable resource to help me find destinations of interest. They have reduced my research efforts and saved me travel time by pointing me in the right direction. Here is why you should invest in a few good books.

Staying Cool Cycling in the Summer

Bicycling in the summer offers plenty of fun, it’s relaxing, and it gets you places. But sometimes the summer heat is a tad too intense for us Canadians.

Rather than hiding inside by the AC vent, take a spin on your bike, in comfort, by following these tips. With a little pre-planning, you can enjoy a bicycle ride even on the hottest days of summer.

OBT Newsletter – Spring 2021

Welcome to yet another unusual spring. We had an early melt and a long cool spring, now it seems like the heat is here. I can see from the surge in traffic on the OBT site that everyone is keen to get out. This Covid lockdown is almost over and has got us primed and eager to hit the trails.

Park & Rail Trails Book 2021 Update

A few improvements have been made to this book, but this is not a new edition, more like version 1.5. The original content is the same with minor corrections and typos fixed. What has improved are the maps and parking location listings.

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