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eBook Offer – OBT Bike Trail Guide

I am excited to tell you that an eBook will be published on the Best Bicycle Park & Rail Trails in Ontario by the end of July 2018.

This will be a formatted PDF version for you to download (and print if you wish) of the Park and Rail trail reviews that are on the OBT site

What is Mountain Biking?

This is a quick overview of what the sport of mountain biking is, and whether you might enjoy it. Find out what it is like to ride the trails, what kind of bike to buy and what to bring on the ride.

There is list of suggested beginner MTB trail locations in Ontario as well.

What is a Bicycle Rail Trail?

What is a Rail Trail in Ontario? What once were railway lines are now public recreational trails.

As railroads abandoned many of their extra routes, local governments and outdoor groups took on the redevelopment of these transportation corridors. With the tracks removed, railway beds are often re-paved with crushed stone and marked with signage along the way.

Our Free Bike Trail Reference Chart

Last year I got thinking that it would be very handy for bike riders to have something they could refer to when looking to go out and ride somewhere new.

Sure you can come to this website and surf for ideas, but what if you also had a condensed list of all the trails as a starting reference.

10 Ways to Enjoy a Better Bike Ride

Enjoying your next bike ride adventure could be a spontaneous, pleasant endeavor. To really better the odds of FUN all around, a bit of planning is required.

If you are better prepared, the outcome of your next bike trail ride becomes more predictable and the way YOU want it, and not by chance.

Where to MTB as a Tourist Near Toronto

So you love mountain biking and what better time to do it than on a holiday. Whether you are visiting Toronto for a few days or longer, here are a few tips and destinations I would suggest.

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