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Groomed Fat Bike Trails in Ontario

When the snows blow but you still have the bike bug in you, it’s time to pull out your trusty fat bike for another winter on the powder.

As you know, you can take your fat bike out and find many local parks and woodlots to ride in. Good fun up to a point, and an excellent use of those beefy tires.

Winter Fatbike Riding in Ontario

When winter comes around in Ontario most of us fair weather riders put our bikes away. But Fat Bikes are a new design of mountain bike that enables riders keen on riding year round to get out of the spin classes and do real riding. This new trend evolves our bike sport to new possibilities and one day I see it in the winter Olympics.

How to Dress for Cold Weather Cycling

When the warm summer winds fade, many of us hang up our bicycles in the garage, never to be used again till next spring. And so goes the lifestyle of the fair-weather pedaler.

Well, let me warm you up to the idea that you can bike ride all year round. The notion that it is too chilly to continue riding into the fall certainly seems insane by the time winter arrives. If nothing else, you can extend your cycling season by several months just by having the right clothing.

30 Best Ontario Bicycle Trails

For the 10th anniversary of the launch of this site, I have compiled 3 lists that favour the better rides in the province of Ontario, Canada. One for each category I review, Park Paths, Rail Trails and Mountain Bike Trails. This is out of the 180 significant, signed, off-road trail locations I know.

OBT 10th Year Anniversary

This year, 2023, marks the 10th year since I launched the Ontario Bike Trails (OBT) website. To mark this milestone, I wanted to celebrate my success, give you a brief history, and add some insight to its beginnings and the path I took to get here.

Cycling Safely – Be Aware, Be Seen!

Life is full of risks and the consequences associated with them. We constantly work out the odds and make decisions, hoping they are good ones. Cycling for the most part is a safe sport but it can lead to mishaps and death. The likelihood is very low, but it does exist.

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