• Just north of Toronto in Bruce's Mill Conservation Area, is a newly built (2014), full pro BMX race track for serious riders of the sport. Built to international standards it is paved in asphalt on the banked turns and left as dirt for the...
  • Expert - The Agreement Forest (Mohawk) is a great ride for one who likes the challenge of a trail with rocky outcrops. Some areas have flat smooth trail, but soon enough you will come upon limestone rocks that could be fun, challenge you o...
    Total Trail Km: 38
    MTB Track %: 30
    Double track %: 20
  • Intermediate to Expert - Behind Laurentian University in Sudbury is an awesome ride for the adventurous rock riders out there. This network of hiking trails behind the sports field offers some excellent technical trail riding with a few fas...
    Total Trail Km: 20
    Double track %: 10
  • Easy to Expert - Kelso Conservation Area has a good trail system which has become popular. Most of the track is on the top of the escarpment and this is the best place to park the car. There is a real mix of terrain and skill required here....
    Total Trail Km: 16
    MTB Track %: 40
    Double track %: 30
  • Moderate to Expert - The South March Highlands Conservation Area is likely the best MTB spot around Ottawa and a top ride in Ontario. Here you will find a well maintained challenging, gnarly ride that has lots of variety for the experienced...
    Total Trail Km: 25
    MTB Track %: 60
  • Easy to Expert -Hardwood Ski and Bike north of Barrie, is a private, well- managed playground to let loose your energy . Tons of variety and skill challenges for everyone. You can even rent and take lessons. The terrain is hilly indeed and...
    Total Trail Km: 50
    MTB Track %: 60
    Double track %: 40
  • Easy to Expert - This is an indoor BMX/ MTB riding park in a converted Markham factory space with wooden ramps, bridges and stunts. A great way to hone your riding techniques on a bad weather day or in the winter. Lots of BMX kids going wil...
    Total Trail Km: 10
    MTB Track %: 10
  • Advanced to Expert - Porcupine Ridge is one of the hardest trail ride in Ontario. If you like massive granite rock faces, steep inclines and scary high bridges, then check out this awesome trail network. Almost all of the trail has been cu...
    Total Trail Km: 13
    MTB Track %: 50
    Double track %: 20
  • Intermediate to Advanced - Located on the hillside of the escarpment in Waterdown above Hamilton. This is a great ride with trails criss-crossing down the side of the hill. Plenty of variety to get a day ride in.Can get busy, watch for ...
    Total Trail Km: 40
    MTB Track %: 40
    Double track %: 20