Western Ontario : 14 items found
  • Intermediate to Advanced - The Hamilton to Brantford Bicycle Rail Trail is one third of the full length of the rail line which continues through Paris to Cambri...
    Total Trail Km: 32
    Double track %: 95
  • Intermediate rider - This is one of the best rides in the Kitchener- Waterloo area. Built and maintained for MTB riding. The trails are basically two wood lots ...
    Total Trail Km: 25
    MTB Track %: 85
    Double track %: 15
  • Easy - Advanced - Wildwood Conservation Area offers a very pleasant cross-country type of mountain bike ride most riders can handle. With a variety of terrain a...
    Total Trail Km: 25
    MTB Track %: 30
    Double track %: 20
  • Easy - The ery Provincial Park out on Lake Huron has a 13 km bike trail that is worth listing because it is a popular loop for all the family campers at this pa...
    Total Trail Km: 13
    % Park Path: 50
  • Though not large, it is a good size and not your standard concrete skateboard affair. BMX and Free-Riders will have a bit of fun here since it was designed for...
    Total Trail Km: 3
    MTB Track %: 50
    Double track %: 50
  • Beginner to Intermediate - The Thames Valley park trails in downtown London, Ontario are some of the best bicycle paths in the province. This large city has wel...
    Total Trail Km: 21
    % Park Path: 90
  • Easy - Christie Lake Conservation Area just north of Hamilton is ideal for the beginner mountain biker. The trails are easy, well-designed and safe to ride. Her...
    Total Trail Km: 16
    MTB Track %: 60
    Double track %: 20
  • Easy to Intermediate - Fanshawe Conservation Area has a large loop that circles on the banks of the reservoir. This is an easy but long cross-country style ride...
    Total Trail Km: 22
    MTB Track %: 15
  • Easy to Intermediate -The GORBA trails at Guelph Lake Conservation Area are relatively easy beginner bike trails for a mountain biker. Anyone looking for nothin...
    Total Trail Km: 20
    MTB Track %: 50