Joyride 150 – BMX Park / MTB

150 Bullock Dr, Markham
Posted on June 15, 2020 / 6952
Joyride 150 – BMX Park / MTB
Listing Types : BMX Park / MTB Trail
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
Terrain : structures, logs jumps, paved, crushed gravel, bridges, flat rock, flat sections, twisty & gnarly
Faclities : parking, food close by, toilet, outhouse, drinking water, change rooms, good signage, trails maintained, bike rentals, pro shop
Trail Fee : yes

Length – ~10 km not sure
Pump Track  – 2
Free-ride – skinnies, ramps, bridges, logs, a few rocks 
Jumps – lots! foam pit
NEW  outside dirt jumps

Elevation – Flat warehouse floor with wooden ramps, catwalk circling the area and lots of bridges.

Terrain –  Everything is hard if you fall, (except the foam pit) cement floor, rock gardens, wooden ramps.

Skill – All levels, some advanced skinny ramps and crazy jumps.

Traffic – Lots of BMX riders zooming and jumping, MTB too.

Maps – small areadon’t really need one

Trail Fee – $25 + day rate $28 or less and one time registration fee $5

Facilities – large parking lot, food, change rooms, toilets, bike repair and rental

Highlights – Not weather dependent, lots of challenges for all.

Phone – 905-294-1313

Website – Joyride 150

Similar Trails – Sunnyside, ROC, 

Local Clubs – Defiant MTB Group on FB

Trailhead –  purple door, north side of large parking lot

Directions – East on the 401 or 407 to McCowan Rd, head north, turn right on Bullock Drive, meet at registration desk at 150 Bullock Dr. Markham

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This is an indoor BMX/ MTB riding park in a converted Markham factory space with wooden ramps, bridges and stunts.

A great way to hone your riding techniques on a bad weather day or in the winter. Lots of BMX kids going wild on the jumps.

Not a scenic ride in the woods. This is a different kind of riding, good to get you working on the technical side of the ride. You can also boot around the pump tracks or do the tail ride loop which is goes around the outside wall.

A pretty cool place on a rainy day. Great for kids to learn and caters to women only events.

The ride area is in two large connected factory buildings. There is a zone for every kind of riding and level. Two pump tracks, various ramps and skinnies to try, logs and rocks.

One section has a foam pit to try your jumping skills before trying to fly off the other ramps. Around the perimeter there is a long loop for trail riders, half of it as a catwalk.

Get there early to fill out the waiver, have your picture taken. Bring shin guards if you got them.

It’s indoors, nothing is soft if you fall. Cement floors and wooden structures will wound you.

On site bike mechanic. I broke a chain there and they were very nice about fixing it for me, free.

Note in the winter it’s cold in there, so make you own heat. And then in the summer it can get hot too.


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Joyride 150 ride park map

Joyride 150 ride park map

Indoor Location!  Who cares about the it is anyway.


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