Whitchurch + Porritt – Park / MTB Trail 3749 Aurora Rd. and Warden Ave.
Posted on May 2, 2018
Whitchurch + Porritt – Park / MTB Trail
Listing Types : MTB Trail / Park Trail
Total Trail Km : 8
MTB Track % : 10
Double track % : 60
Hiking trail % : 30
Rate Skill Levels : Intermediate
Terrain : sandy spots, smooth soil, crushed gravel, can be muddy, flat sections, gentle hills
Faclities : parking, toilet, outhouse, trailhead map, good signage, trails maintained
Trail Fee : Free

Length – 8 km

10% MTB single track
30% hiking trail
60% double track access roads

Elevation –  rather flat, small rolling hills at the back

Terrain – smooth soil, gravel, sandy areas

Skill –  good spot for adventurous park cyclists and beginner MTB riding

Trail Pass – free

Facilities – small parking lot, outhouses, shelter

Highlights – pond, big estates and horse ranch

Maps – none, a few sign posts

Phone – 905-895-1281

Website – Lake Simcoe CA

Similar Trails – Eldred King,  Bendor, 

Local Clubs – DMBA – Durham Mountain Biking Assoc.

Access –  South side of 3749 Aurora Rd. and Warden Ave. past parking lot. There is also access on Warden Ave. around the corner, lot is smaller but easier riding in.

Porritt has two parking lots north of Aurora Rd. on Kennedy Rd.

You could easily ride from one woodlot to the other.

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Whitchurch Conservation Area is a good short park style, off road ride east of Aurora. Relatively flat  trails that are wide and easy to ride in this forested area.

A good close spot to Toronto for an adventurous family outing.  Watch for hikers and dogs, some mud and bugs when it’s a wet season.

None of the trail is paved and this is a woodlot not a manicured city park setting. Very little open area except at pond.

I only saw one narrow single track trail. Most MTB riders would be bored but some of the terrain is sandy so fat tires are a good thing.

This area is larger than the small Conservation area you might see on a map. The trails extend beyond to the south and west into what is called the Robinson Tract.

Access via Warden Ave. around the corner will give you a gravel road to get in rather than more of hiking trail to get to the paths which will be tricky for beginners.

There are few signs and trails/roads are old and connect at odd intersections so there not much logic to the layout of the path. Still one of my favorite hidden spots just out of town.

Good for beginner mountain bikers to handle unpaved terrain and with few hills but veteran riders will find no challenges here.

Porritt Tract trails are included on the map north of here. I remember it as more hilly though just as short a ride. Doing both might make it a good outing.

A favourite of mine when I need to escape the city for a quick ride or ski.

Whitchurch + Porritt trail map

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