Best Bicycle Park & Rail Trails in Ontario - Volume 2

Bicycle Trail Guide –  eBook or Paperback

NEW Volume 2 – July 2023 Edition
60 More Great Cycling Destinations! = 2,364 kms

P&R Vol 2 Bike Trail Guide

Volume 2 has 60 NEW trails and is the same format as my first book.

The two books make a set of 125 trails


  • 60 Bike Trail Reviews, 140 Pages
  • 30 Park Paths + 30 Rail Trails
  • 60 Trail Maps and Elevation Charts
  • Most Routes are 100% Car-Free, Easy, Off-Road Paths
  • Consistent Review Ratings from One Source – the Author
  • Trail Reviews List – Length, Elevation, Terrain, Skill, Traffic, Maps, Facilities, Highlights, Phone#, Websites, Similar Trails, Local Cycling Clubs, Trail Access and Best Locations to Park
  • Bonus PDF eBook Version Included

More great off-road riding trail reviews from Dan Roitner in the followup to Best Bicycle Park and Rail Trails in Ontario!

To complement the trails detailed in Volume 1, Dan has scouted and reviewed 60 MORE of the best bike trails in Ontario, Canada. In this collection, Dan introduces easy Park Paths and longer Rail Trails—car-free, self-guided routes, suitable for hybrid and gravel bikes—in all corners of the province.

This concise, well-researched guide features detailed maps, graphs, trail photos, and bicycling tips to optimize your time cycling.

It’s an excellent resource for planning your next weekend outing and discovering new regions in this diverse province.

Chapters at the Back of the Book:


Ontario Rail History – A fascinating summary of the golden age of the Railways. The rise and fall of the train transport era in the province.

Bike Security – Bike theft is a serious problem and is all too common. A few tips to help you keep your favourite bicycle out of criminal hands.

Bike Safely – Stay safe and ride longer. Tips to better the odds you do. Advice on being seen and aware of your surroundings.

eBikes – An introduction into what they are, and how they differ. Reasons why you might want one and where you can ride them.

Signage Standards – There is more to trail sign design than you thought. When done well it makes for an effortless ride. When done poorly you can get lost.

Carpooling Concept – A few ideas on how to enjoy linear Rail trails with a group. Save time and gas while everyone enjoys the outing.

Bikepacking Basics – Can I interest you in a new way to tour and see the province? Advice to get you started and motivated. A simple back to nature vibe riding gravel roads and dirt paths, away from the BIG city.

Bike Trails Elsewhere – Once you have ridden all the trails in Ontario. Think big, and cycle in another province or the USA, Europe… There are some epic routes waiting for you to discover. I list a few.

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