Porcupine Ridge – MTB Trail

Hwy 15 across from Santa's Village
Updated May 20, 2016
Porcupine Ridge – MTB Trail
Listing Types : MTB Trail
Location : Central Ontario
Note : EPIC Ride
Total Trail Km : 13
MTB Track % : 50
Double track % : 20
Hiking trail % : 30
Rate Skill Levels : Advanced
Terrain : smooth soil, structures, logs jumps, crushed gravel, bridges, flat rock, large hills, steep hills, twisty & gnarly, tree roots
Faclities : parking, toilet, outhouse, trailhead map, good trail signage
Trail Fee : $2+

TRAILS are Open Again!

Length – 13 km

50% MTB single track
30% hiking trail
20% dirt road

Terrain –  slopes up with steep climb, levels of in the back, mounds and rock ridges, wood structures

Surface – smooth soil, a little sandy (drains well), gravel, flat rock,

Skill – expert, lots of hard riding

Trail Pass – $ 2 or more & be nice and pay box

Facilities –  parking lot, outhouse

Maps – at trailhead, signed

Website – Porcupine Ridge Mountain Bike Club

Similar Trails – Buckwallow,  MohawkLaurentian, South March

Local ClubMORCA

Access –  Hwy 400 north past Barrie to Hwy 11, follow north past Gravenhurst, take off ramp 182 to Ecclestone Drive which turn into Wellington when you get into town, drive 10 minutes, left on Santa’s Village Rd. (no fooling), follow river west to Santa’s Village theme park and across the street is your parking lot.

Trailhead is just north of parking lot past the sign/pay station

Open yearly May 1st to October 31st

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 Porcupine Ridge is one of the hardest trail rides in Ontario. If you like massive granite rock faces, steep inclines and scary high bridges, then check out this awesome trail network.

Almost all of the trail has been cut for MTB by locals and they did a great job.

Once you work up to the stone ridge it levels out and goes way back into the woods. Here you may find some structures that you are tempted to clear. These wooden bridges and skinnies are not that hard to negotiate though high.

If you were looking for a ride to test your skills or have been bored as of late, this spot will wake you up and spank you if you daydream!

Truly a technical playground of loops with plenty of rock to ride, steep, slow gnarly sections and structures to take on.

Before riding some of the bridge structures I would suggest scouting them out fro surprises. I found a few were rather high and though the ramps and skinnies were not too menacing, falling off onto rocks & pointy sticks 2 meters below could be nasty.

A dual suspension bike would be advised and a spare of everything incase you get trashed. On weekday few riders are in there so be sure you have a rescue plan. Don’t know if there is a cell signal out there. Ride with a buddy if you can.

Enough warning for the inexperienced. If you are fearless, hard core, full on MTB rider then you have to go here and give it. You will love it! 

Porcupine Ridge MTB trail map

Porcupine Ridge MTB trail map

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