The Pinery – Park Trail 9526 Lakeshore Rd. Grand Bend
Posted on February 27, 2018
The Pinery – Park Trail
Listing Types : Park Trail
Location : Western Ontario
Note : Popular
Total Trail Km : 13
Park Path % : 50
Road % : 50
Rate Skill Levels : Easy
Terrain : sandy spots, paved, crushed gravel, flat sections, drains well, gentle hills
Faclities : parking, bike wash, food close by, toilet, outhouse, drinking water, change rooms, lodging, trailhead map, good trail signage, trails maintained, bike rentals, pro shop
Trail Fee : day or camping pass

Length –  13 km

50% park path
50% road bike lane, crossings

Elevation – flat wide paths, some small hills over dunes, share the road

Terrain – asphalt road, crushed stone path, sandy spots

Skill – Easy

Facilities –  parking, washrooms, store, rentals, camping

Highlights – beaches on Lake Huron, river, savanna forest, sunsets

Maps – map at trailhead, signs on trail

Trail Fee – park day pass or camp permit – $17+

Phone – 519-243-2220

Website – Ontario Parks, Friends of Pinery

Similar Trails – Awenda , Wildwood, Fanshawe

Local Clubs – Lambton Outdoor Club

Access –  many entry points, start at park store parking area, trail is buy water’s edge either way.

The Pinery Provincial Park out on Lake Huron has a 13 km bike trail that is worth listing because it is a popular loop for all the family campers at this park.

The Savanna Trail is an easy loop for most, with rolling mounds and flat road. I hesitated a bit to post this because only half of it is good trail riding.

This part is a winding crushed gravel path that meanders over small dunes in a open savanna forest of pine and oak trees. Lovely indeed, but the other half of this loop shares the road with cars, well sort of.

Being a off road trail site, I have to explain that the wacky design of this section has you riding a bike lane on the left while cars going one way use the right lane of the road. So there is a designated  bike lane on this paved country road, right next to a car lane.

Now I don’t want to dissuade you from trying this ride. The are few cars on the loop and they move slowly. I only wish they would run the whole trail through the woods…one day?? I’ll quote my young son “this is flat and boring” LOL

There is a central water “canal” (Old Ausable Channel) that you see from the trail and you can stop to relax and soak your toes while watching the canoes go by. The Lake Huron beach is long and the water is warm by mid summer. Getting to it by bike is a little challenging as you may have to push it through the sand over a dune or two but it’s a must see.

There are a few road crossing to be aware of, as this park is very busy on weekends.

All sort of bikes can be rented by the park store, which is a good start point. And ice cream awaits you as your reward upon your return.

Pinery bike trail map

Pinery bike trail map


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