Wildwood – MTB / Park Trail

3995 Line 9, RR #2 St. Marys
Posted on March 10, 2018
Wildwood – MTB / Park Trail
Listing Types : MTB Trail / Park Trail
Location : Western Ontario
Total Trail Km : 25
MTB Track % : 30
Double track % : 20
Hiking trail % : 40
Road % : 10
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
Terrain : smooth soil, structures, logs jumps, paved, crushed gravel, can be muddy, bridges, flat sections, large hills, gentle hills, open field, twisty & gnarly, tree roots
Faclities : parking, bike wash, food close by, toilet, outhouse, drinking water, change rooms, lodging, trailhead map, good signage, trails maintained, bike rentals
Trail Fee : day or camping pass

Length –  25 km

30% MTB single track
50% hiking trail
20% double track access roads

Terrain – small hills gradual climbs along the banks of the dam, a few long descents

Surface – smooth soil, sandy spots, some gravel, can be muddy

Skill – all levels, moderate ride but long

Facilities –  parking lot, washrooms, bike rentals, camping, swimming

Trail Maps – at trailhead – station posts, Print Map – large PDF 6mb

Trail Fee – bike pass $8, Day pass, camping from $14

Phone – 519-284-2292

Website – Wildwood Conservation Area

Similar Trails – FanshaweMinnesing,

Local Clubs – none

Access –  Start is at the highway underpass and dam by the gatehouse

Odd days ride trail counter clockwise

No night riding

Bike rentals are offered at the gate and they look decent.

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Wildwood Conservation Area offers a very pleasant cross-country type of mountain bike ride most riders can handle.

With a variety of terrain and scenery it make for a good outing for a weekend. At 25 km the length may be a bit much for young kids and the unfit.

Unfortunately this long loop has no short cut trails as it  runs around a dammed lake.  Yes that means one has to commit to doing all or nothing.

Well it’s not that bad but it is a one way, alternating directions every day. (odd days are counterclockwise) Station posts mark the trail, you can’t get lost.

The terrain is varied but basically easier double track on the north side of the lake with a few rather long hills (fun going down) and a few farm  fields, cottages to look at.

The south side has single track with a few winding, rooty sections and more trees. By the dam, one has to cross the highway and another spot ride the road a short stretch, which is not to busy.

There are two side loops. The Hardwood Trail is a must try for the experienced, thrill seeker with tricky skinny bridges and log jumps. While The Field of Burrs is a pass and truly a boring ride in tall grass – why?

This long trail loop is very similar to Fanshawe in many ways. Both park areas are run by the same local conservation authority. I think Wildwood is better, but they both have their good points.

There is not much MTB riding to be had in the area, but this spot is decent enough to try, even with the family on hybrid bikes. Only the Hardwood side loop could wing you.

Consider camping overnight , it’s cheap, the trail is right by the tents and ride the loop the other way the next day. A swim is a welcomed thought after a hot day of riding in the lake too.

wildwood bike trail map

wildwood bike trail map

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