Coulson’s Hill – MTB Trail

3541 11th Line & Hwy 400, Bradford
Posted on September 4, 2020 / 8023
Coulson’s Hill – MTB Trail
Listing Types : MTB Trail
Location : Central Ontario
Note : NEW Review
Total Trail Km : 13
MTB Track % : 35
Double track % : 25
Hiking trail % : 40
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate
Terrain : smooth soil, logs jumps, water crossing, can be muddy, bridges, flat sections, drains well, gentle hills, twisty & gnarly, tree roots
Faclities : parking
Trail Fee : Free

Length – 13 km
35% MTB singletrack
40% hiking trail
25% doubletrack access roads

Elevation – One main large hill that slopes down to a creek valley on the north end, then goes back up slightly

Terrain – Smooth, firm soil; pine needles and leaves; log hops, bridges and structures; can be muddy; not good after a rain

Skill – All levels, best for Intermediate and Beginners to learn

Maps – None, a few trail markers

Facilities – Parking lot

Highlights – Twisty, with many log hops; gets better at the back relatively close to Toronto

Trail Fee – Free

Phone – None

Website – Simcoe County

Similar Trails – Dufferin ForestPalgrave, Centennial Park

Local Clubs – York Mountain Bike Assoc.

Access – Unfortunately Coulson is right beside a bridge over the highway that does not have exit ramps.

From Hwy 400 northbound, exit on Hwy 88 and head east towards Bradford, then go north on 10th Sideroad, then west on 11th Line (Concession Rd. 11). There is a parking lot on the north side before the highway bridge.

The parklot has recently been shifted east. Any of the trails in from the car lot will make a good starting place for beginners.

Hunting is allowed when in season, so wear bright colours, makes some noise.

mtb trail guide

Coulson’s Hill (Hodgson Tract) is a small but worthy woodlot to explore due north of Bradford. Well centred above Toronto and near Hwy 400, it has long provided me—and many other MTB riders—with a convenient spot to let loose for a few hours.

This small forest tract packs in a lot. From the parking area, the hill slopes down gradually to a small creek. Here you will find a few bridge crossings and a bank sloping up slightly on the other side with a few more minor loops.

Suitable for any age or level of MTB riding, Coulson is made up of a patchwork of trails running every which way. Too small an area to get lost in, it has few directional signs, but there’s no need of them: to get back to the car, simply head up the hill with the hum of the hwy on your right.

Now, posted trail names would help to sort out the excessive shortcuts and fragmented paths that can interrupt your pace. Stopping with your group to decide where to turn next gets tiring.

Or you can just go with the flow, knowing you will likely hit the same loops again (“Oh well….”), accidentally giving yourself more mileage here than the estimated 13 km.

Every time I go there, I find new track. It just keeps getting better, even though it has suffered neglect and even the stress of rogue ATVs.

There is definitely some MTB presence here: a local bike shop holds weekly races, and you may find wooden structures in there (some too homemade to trust).

Circled by fire access dirt roads, this stand of mainly tall pine trees has fun-filled, twisty trails and long, zippy descents. The trail surface is smooth clay with…


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Coulson's Hill bike trail map

Coulson's Hill bike trail map

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