Palgrave – MTB / Park Trail 17580 Duffy's Lane, Palgrave
Posted on April 9, 2018
Palgrave – MTB / Park Trail
Listing Types : MTB Trail / Park Trail
Location : Central Ontario
Total Trail Km : 22
MTB Track % : 70
Double track % : 10
Hiking trail % : 20
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate
Terrain : sandy spots, smooth soil, logs jumps, can be muddy, bridges, large hills, steep hills, twisty & gnarly, tree roots, rocky patches
Faclities : parking, trailhead map, trails maintained
Trail Fee : Free

Length – 22 km

70% MTB single track
20% hiking trail
10% double track access roads

Elevation – rather hilly on the single track, flows well, not as much climbing for wider forest paths – riding counter clockwise is easier

Terrain – smooth soil, sandy spots, some gravel, a few roots, can be muddy, rock piles, log hops, structures

Skill –  Intermediate MTB or Park riders

Maps – at trailhead , post markers (too many types)

Facilities –  3 parking lots but use the Duffy Lane entrance

Highlights –  longest continuous single track loop in the area, quite, ponds

Trail Fee – Free

Phone – 416 661 6600

Website – TRCA

Similar Trails – Albion HillsGlen MajorDufferin Forest

Local Clubs – Caledon Cycle Club

Access – Drive north 11km past Bolton on Highway 50 just beyond Albion Hills turn west on Patterson Side Rd. then north up to 17580 Duffy’s Lane 2km, look for the parking lot down the road on the right just past the curve in the road.

The start and end of the trail is a bit odd. From the parking lot (#24 on the map) you can ride straight to #26 which is already into the ride. A better start point is to ride the road (did I say that?) to #5 sign post/map board. There you can start a more logical loop.

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Palgrave Forest offers mountain bike riders near Toronto’s West side extra trail to let loose.

This somewhat secret spot has plenty of long, hilly cross- country type track to get your legs burning.

This fast, great cardio ride is mainly one big continuous loop. Over the years, it just keeps getting better as races cut better trail and now signs are popping up to what once was rather confusing forest. (and at times still is)

The terrain is mainly black loam which can get a little muddy after the rain and a few sandy spots.

Much of the forest is a pine tree farm with some open areas, a pond and mixed native trees.

Lots of winding climbs and quick banked bombers down make this a favourite for many. Ride counter clockwise is easier and flows better.

An easy Park-type ride for hybrids if you stick to the wide straight old hiking paths.

As mentioned, this continuous trail is unusual as most MTB areas in Ontario have trails crossings too frequently.

Here you get going and rarely stop to sort out which way to turn. Lots of fast, flowy single track that drains well.

A few simple structures, rock piles and logs keep it interesting. Nothing here is going to wing you.

The scenery is pleasant but nothing more than forest. The ride on weekdays is empty and quiet.

Other easy, wide hiking trails cross this area for a quick return and there are numbered posts they have recently added that help. You might get spun around, but never lost.

Northeast of the single track there are signs of old cross country ski loops you could explore. These routes are not even on the map and little overgrown but isn’t that the fun of it.

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Palgrave MTB trails

Palgrave MTB trails

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