Centennial Park – MTB Trail

Jane St & 16th Sideroad
Posted on April 16, 2018
Centennial Park – MTB Trail
Listing Types : MTB Trail
Total Trail Km : 5
MTB Track % : 100
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate
Terrain : smooth soil, logs jumps, can be muddy, large hills, twisty & gnarly, tree roots
Faclities : parking, food close by, toilet, outhouse, trailhead map, good signage
Trail Fee : Free

Length – 5 km

100% mtb trail

Terrain – beginner flat then hilly out back, smooth flowy track,  you don’t feel the hills doing switchbacks

Surface –  smooth soil base, sandy spots, a few roots, will be muddy after rain

Skill –  Easy, best for beginners

Trail Pass – free

Facilities – parking lot, outhouse

Maps – at parking lot, a few markers, not big enough to get lost

Phone – none

Website – none

Similar Trails – Albion HillsGlen Major

Local Clubs – King Race Series

Access – Drive north up hwy 400, exit King City Rd., head east then north on Jane St. Just beyond 16th Sideroad on your right is the Centennial Park Centre. Easy to miss, look for  the tall TV tower on the hill, parking beside it.

Ride east beyond parking lot map and do the loops in both directions.

The King MTB trail at Centennial Park, north of King City is the place beginner mountain bike riders need to practice their skills.

It’s easy, not too long and has no surprises to send you over the bars. It also is just north and central to Toronto so anyone needing a quick blast could ride it and get back home.

It may be a short ride but the trail is all single track built for MTB riding and seldom is it crowded.  It may be a mere 5 km to ride, so ride it the other direction too and now you have 10 km….then the other way…that’s 15…

Centennial has 3 loops that join one after the other: beginner then intermediate, and advanced loop. The beginner truly is easy, and flat with wide turns.

The other two are so similar the average rider out there should have little trouble doing the circuit.

The wonderful thing about these trails is that they flow so well you just don’t feel the hills. They are there, but seldom do you have to labour a climb unless your out of shape.

The trail is cut so well you hardly notice as you switch back  your way up.  A well designed twisty track in a small woodlot.

There are races Wednesday nights and mtb clubs may ride here. But as an outing it short and I know most of us what more. The problem is where close by??

Answer is not much, you will have to drive perhaps to Palgrave, Coulson or Jefferson to get your fill.

Centennial Park MTB trail map

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