Upper Etobicoke – Park Trail

58 Church St., Brampton
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Upper Etobicoke – Park Trail
Listing Types : Park Trail
Note : Family Friendly
Total Trail Km : 20
Park Path % : 90
Road % : 10
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate
Terrain : paved, crushed gravel, bridges, flat sections, gentle hills, open field
Faclities : parking, food close by, toilet, outhouse, drinking water, trailhead map, good signage, trails maintained, pro shop
Trail Fee : Free

Length –  20 km + (one way)

90% park path
10% road, detours

Elevation – follows the Upper Etobicoke Creek and is rather level with a gradual incline going north. A few dips to go under bridges.

Terrain – all asphalt, some gravel patches, dirt path at south end

Skill – Easy, Intermediate, Advanced if ride it all

Highlights – parkland, bridges, homes, exercise stations

Trail Fee – free

Facilities –  parking, washrooms?  benches,  local services

Maps – maps at some intersections, signs on trail –

Phone – 905 874 3601

Website – City of Brampton , map pageWalk and Roll

Similar Trails – Humber, Nokiidaa

Local Clubs – Caledon Cycling Club, Brampton Cycling Club

Access –  large parking lot at 58 Church St. E. and Ken Williams Dr. Many other start points with parking.

To do the official detour, one has to leave the path and ride the road down and around, connected to the stairs that take you to the south section. This requires going west on Church St., south on Main St., crossing busy Queen St. at the light. To connect through, head down Main, then left at Wellington St. E. to the stairs at the end of this street.

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The longest bike trail in Brampton is along the upper Etobicoke Creek. This meandering Park ride is perfect for bike riders looking to cruise on a weekend afternoon. Following the creek, this path is all paved and easy to pedal as there are few hills, and those are short.

Most of the ride is manicured parkland with brief wooded areas that occasionally  give shade. One sees the backs of homes, playgrounds and sports fields as you go through neighbourhoods on this ride.

One section has exercise stations with workout equipment along the trail. You could stop, add a few bench presses to your outing, or just relax on the many park benches I saw.

A quick look on your phone map will find you plenty of malls nearby to get lunch or a washroom break, as I did not see any washroom facilities on the trail.

Though well marked with signage, most trail arrows are very small, (too small) so pay attention, as there are many paths branching off that go up the valley and then end.

The 20 km + (one way) of park paths are split into two sections due to a rather abrupt 1.4 km detour in the centre of town to get around some ugly concrete water culverts the city put in. Perhaps one day (we hope) this disaster will be naturalized and the trail will carry through.

I suggest doing the north end, 10 km first. This route connects well with bridge underpasses and just a few safe road crossings. The flag on the map is at the start of the north section by a large parking lot, if you need one.

If you want more distance in your ride, head south, bike the detour and add about 8 km more. This takes you eventually under the 410 – 407 highway interchange, which is a bit noisy.  Furthermore, one can ride most of Etobicoke Creek down past the airport right to the lake for a mega ride.

Try any section of this 20 km + trail in Brampton for a pleasant ride with family or with your friends.

Open Street Maps

bike map

10 km North section

8 km+ South route



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