Torrance Barrens – MTB Trail

Hwy 13 Southwood Rd.
Posted on August 24, 2019
Torrance Barrens – MTB Trail
Listing Types : MTB Trail
Total Trail Km : 10
Hiking trail % : 100
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
Terrain : can be muddy, flat rock, drains well, gentle hills, open field, tree roots
Faclities : parking, toilet, outhouse, good signage
Trail Fee : Free

Length – 10 km

100% hiking trail

Elevation –  Rather level ground with mounds and ponds (puddles).

Terrain – Flat stone, smooth soil, grasses, stairs, boardwalk, large ponds

Skill – Easy to advanced MTB ride

Traffic –  MTB riders, hikers and bugs lol.

Maps – A few signposts, and stone or paint swatches as markers on the trails

Facilities –  parking lot, outhouse

Highlights – open spaces, flat rock riding, solitude, blueberries!

Trail Pass – free

Phone –  705 765 3156

Website – Muskoka Trails

Similar Trails – Bracebridge RMC,  BuckwallowGeorgian

Local Clubs – Muskoka Off Road Cycling Assoc.- MORCA

Access –  one entry point at parking lot, there is a sign for the Barrens, loops can be taken in either direction

Directions –Take Muskoka Road 169 north from Gravenhurst or south from Bala. Turn south on Southwood Road (Muskoka Road 13) and travel 7 kilometres to the Torrance Barrens sign on the north side. Park on the flat rock.

Torrance Barrens Conservation Reserve is a unique 10 km trail ride with large open flat rock areas along most of the 3 loops.

This very scenic, remote location has few trees, numerous ponds and great vistas.

The ride over tabletop rock mounds is easy for most MTB riders, with the more tricky parts between them.

As you descend between the mounds the trail typically gets vegetated with a few trees (and their roots) and loose rocks.

Then when it gets to the bottom, some crossings have mud and puddles to manage. The level of recent rain will determine how much of this you get. (and the bug population).

There are a few stairs to haul your bike up and boardwalks to cross as this is a somewhat straight hiking trail, not a twisty track cut for MTB bikes.

Regardless, a joy to ride for any level. Beginners will likely need to walk the drops, quick climbs and mud. The rest of us will love it.

This hiking trail has three main loops and may have a few hikers on them. A secluded, quite place so take care to not go out too late or on your own. Help is far away.

You can get totally lost in the open areas if you wander too far.

The trail is marked with stone cairns, white marks on rocks and a few metal signs which are not always easy to find. There are a few maps on posts too but none at the parking lot.

The area is called an oak savannah for its lack of vegetation and types of plants. Look for blueberries in July if it’s been a wet spring.

About the bugs, they will be there ripping you to bits in June early July on a hot day. Use Deet bug spray and wearing beige, white, green colours can help. Deer fly are attracted to movement, dark hair, shades of black and dark blue…or out ride the critters. lol

Enjoy the drive there on Southwood Rd. – Hwy 13 from either direction, it is wonderful.  Winding through the savannah, so remote, likely my favourite highway in Ontario. 

Torrance Barren trail map
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