Long Sault – Park / MTB Trail

9293 Woodley Rd., N of Bowmanville
Posted on June 24, 2019
Long Sault – Park / MTB Trail
Listing Types : MTB Trail / Park Trail
Location : Eastern Ontario
Total Trail Km : 18
Double track % : 100
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
Terrain : sandy spots, smooth soil, crushed gravel, flat sections, large hills, drains well, gentle hills, open field, tree roots
Faclities : parking, toilet, outhouse, trailhead map, good signage, trails maintained
Trail Fee : Yes, small

Length – 18 km

100% double-track park trail path

Elevation – Flat in sections with some ravines and gradual incline northward; also a few large hills.

Terrain – A wide trail of smooth dirt mixed with grass, leaves, roots, and some very sandy spots.

Skill – Easy for MTB; Advanced for two Park trails.

Traffic – Watch for hikers, dogs, and cross-country.

Maps – Found at parking lot, as well as plenty of signposts along the route.

Facilities – Lots of parking, outhouses, and picnic tables.

Highlights – A few lookouts and farms; fall colours.

Trail Fee – $3.00/hr, $6.00 per day.

Phone – 905-579-0411

Website – Central Lake Ontario Conservation

Similar Trails – Heber Downs , NorthumberlandGanaraska

Local Clubs – Cobourg Cycling ClubPeterborough Cycling Club

Access – From Bowmanville, go north on Hwy 57 to Waverly Rd. for about 12 km, then turn east on Hwy 20 for ten minutes to the end of Woodley Rd., #9293. 

Aside from the park entrance, there are two small parking lots on the north side.

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Long Sault Conservation Area is north of Bowmanville, on the side of a north-sloping hill. Riders will find five loops, rated from Beginner to Advanced for a Park trail rider.

The 18 km of paths are well-signed, wide, and have smooth soil with a leafy base and the odd root to keep you attentive. Any fit cyclist can easily do this as a day outing with friends or family.

Smartly, the signs actually tell you to ride in the opposite direction of the hikers so they can see you.

Granted, there are a few long hills you may have to walk, but most riders with a decent bike and strong legs can manage.

The routes are shady, with the odd bench at which to sit and take in the occasional view. It is certainly a pretty place to visit in the fall, if you get there at the right time!

I suggest riding the west side first, completing the Bluebird and Wild Turkey loops. The east side is open field with straighter paths.

Due to the larger hills and occasional spot of loose sand, I recommend this trail for the Advanced Park rider.

The official site rates this as a MTB trail, but it is a bit too easy as the double-track path is straight. But as a beginner mountain biker, it’s great.

The seasoned MTB crowd can still get a good workout with a fast, cross-country type run, but expect no twisty or narrow trails.

Also a great spot for Fatbikes any time of the year, so watch out for Nordic skiers and snow-shoers in the winter.

Plenty of path to ride here, and being close to Oshawa it is a good transitional step for harder MTB tracks elsewhere.

Long Sault bike trail map

Long Sault bike trail map

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