Brock – Rail / Park Trail

waterfront, Brockville
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Brock – Rail / Park Trail
Listing Types : Park Trail / Rail Trail
Location : Eastern Ontario
Total Trail Km : 7
Park Path % : 85
Road % : 15
Rate Skill Levels : Easy
Terrain : paved, gentle hills
Faclities : parking, food close by, lodging, trailhead map, trails maintained
Trail Fee : Free

Length – 7 km (one way)

85%  park trail path
15%  road crossings, detours

Elevation – flat, very little slope

Terrain – asphalt, crushed stone, gravel, (path does get narrow at the top end), road crossings, detour around hwy 401

Skill – easy

Maps – a few maps and signs, needs improving and will be soon

Traffic – bicycles, walkers, dogs

Facilities – parking, picnic tables, benches, toilets, logging, restaurants

Highlights – train tunnel experience, historic stone buildings, waterfront

Trail Fee – free

Phone – 613 342 4357

Website –  Brock Railway TunnelCity of Brockville

Similar Trails – Speed River, Greenway

Local Clubs – none

Access – suggested best start spot is by south tunnel entrance, parking across the street, or near Harding Park.

This one is an odd bike ride destination. The paved Park route through town has a train theme to it everywhere you look. Part Park ride, part train tunnel sound & light show.

Out on the shores of the St. Lawrence, Brockville has a long history as a hub for train travel and transport of goods.

Traveling along hwy 401, I did a stop over there and scouted out a small park trail a mere 7 km long. Though pleasant, it was a tad short to list on this site. But then we found the tunnel!

This historic train tunnel runs under the centre of town. It’s a delightful, yet bizarre bit of Canadian history to stumble upon.

If you park by the south entrance you can ride first or walk the tunnel.

If you walk your bike through the tunnel to the north exit, there is a short stretch parallel to the mainline you can ride either way. CN has fenced off a trail laid with gravel behind building lots where you are assured to see train traffic.

Now back to the actual trail ride. The route to cycle is not well marked at the beginning and you are not supposed to ride the boardwalks. Though not obvious what the exact path is, I am sure you can figure it out.

So starting from the tunnel south entrance one can do the peninsula, Blockhouse Island, out and back to view the marina and USA across the river. This peninsula was made from the rubble taken from excavating the tunnel.

The main route heads west along the…


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