• Easy to Advanced - Midhurst bike trails just north of Barrie, are a real mix of terrain to discover. Here you will find old hiking trails with a few new single track MTB loops. The...
    Total Trail Km: 15
    MTB Track %: 35
    Double track %: 20
  • Beginner to Expert - Naughton is classic Northern Ontario mountain biking at its best. This spot west of Sudbury is your typical dual purpose sports area. The MTB trails cut in an...
    Total Trail Km: 12
    MTB Track %: 70
    Double track %: 30
  • Easy to Intermediate - Greenwood Conservation Area trail system is one of those bike rides made up of a mix of random hiking paths, old farm roads and MTB track cut by the locals. ...
    Total Trail Km: 20
    MTB Track %: 40
  • Easy to Expert - Hardwood Ski and Bike north of Barrie, is a private, well- managed playground to let loose your MTB energy. Tons of variety and skill challenges for everyone. The ...
    Total Trail Km: 50
    MTB Track %: 60
    Double track %: 40
  • Easy to Advanced - The Dagmar North Trails have just reopened Sept. 2015, and the mountain bike riding community is all excited and with good reason. These trails on Conservation l...
    Total Trail Km: 13
    MTB Track %: 90
    Double track %: 10