Bike Trails : 91 items found
  • Easy to Intermediate - As a new trail (in the making), the Millenium Rail Trail holds promise to serve as a convenient and scenic way to travel through Prince ...
    Total Trail Km: 49
    Double track %: 80
  • Easy to Intermediate - Centennial Park, north of King City is the place beginner mountain bike riders need to practice their skills. It's easy, not too long and...
    Total Trail Km: 5
    MTB Track %: 100
  • Easy - Though the Nokiidaa (Tom Taylor) bike trail is not a popular name, this park trail from Aurora through Newmarket is. Any weekend, locals cruise this park...
    Total Trail Km: 15
    % Park Path: 90
  • Intermediate to Advanced - The Hamilton to Brantford Bicycle Rail Trail is one third of the full length of the rail line which continues through Paris to Cambri...
    Total Trail Km: 32
    Double track %: 95
  • Intermediate - Palgrave Forest offers mountain bike riders near Toronto's West side extra trail to let loose. This somewhat secret spot has plenty of long, hill...
    Total Trail Km: 22
    MTB Track %: 70
  • Intermediate rider - This is one of the best rides in the Kitchener- Waterloo area. Built and maintained for MTB riding. The trails are basically two wood lots ...
    Total Trail Km: 25
    MTB Track %: 85
    Double track %: 15
  • Easy - A bit of the country in the city. With a very enjoyable ferry ride to get to the Toronto Islands, you can experience some fresh air and open space on a f...
    Total Trail Km: 15
    % Park Path: 30
  • Easy - Advanced - Wildwood Conservation Area offers a very pleasant cross-country type of mountain bike ride most riders can handle. With a variety of terrain a...
    Total Trail Km: 25
    MTB Track %: 30
    Double track %: 20
  • Easy to Advanced - Harold Town Conservation Area, just east of Peterborough is a new ride spot just opened to offer some of the best riding in Ontario. Trails a...
    Total Trail Km: 13
    MTB Track %: 80
    Double track %: 10