eBook Offer – OBT Bike Trail Guide

eBook Offer – OBT Bike Trail Guide

Best Bicycle Park & Rail Trails in Ontario

NEW 2019 Edition –  Bike Trail Guide –  eBook
Bike Trail Guide - eBook

    • 65 Trail Reviews, 150 pages – 2019 edition

    • Top 45 Park Paths + 20 Rail Trails in Ontario, Canada

    • 65 NEW Maps and Elevation Charts

    • Links to local trail websites and OBT

    • Most paths 100% car-free, easy terrain, with few hills

    • Consistent review ratings, from one source – the author

    • 30 day money back guarantee

There are 65 reviews in this eBook – 151 pages

45 Park Paths through city parklands and forest trails in rural Ontario wood lots. Plus 20 Rail Trailways through country and urban areas. These are some of the best bicycle routes you can find in Ontario, Canada.

All trails were scouted, reviewed and photographed by the author.

Most trails are easy, scenic, leisurely bike cruising, with few hills and all are off road, car-free bike riding fun!

Use this guide to dream, plan and cycle somewhere new on your next outing. Make vacation plans as a tourist and visit other areas in Ontario.

Please consider making a purchase of my eBook, it will help motivate me and support the site.

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Anyone who bought the older (2018) edition in 2019, will get this new updated version automatically sent to them this week.

Many have been asking for a hardcopy book. An 8×10“ soft cover book will be available on Amazon.ca in a few weeks. (This eBook comes free with it.) I will tell you when it becomes available in a future Newsletter.

For all the mountain bike riders, a similar MTB Trail Guide for Ontario is up next. That will take another few months for me to update, take photos and make maps.

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  • Gixxer says:

    Great website and Guide . Will definitely purchase same.
    Just Moved To Wilson and 400 area . have been biking for a while in Stoney Creek area near Hamilton . T.O. traffic is way more non bike friendly . This leaves me no choice but to look into trail riding . I’m 60 and don’t need any car – bike misadventures . Bike always the looser in that battle no matter who’s right.

    • Will be adding more trail out there in Hamilton…
      Isn’t funny the older we get the less invencible we feel. Though you can not win an “encounter” with a vehicle, being aware and seen helps plenty.

  • Michael Grodzinski says:

    Dan. I purchased your trail guide for cycling. Wow it is impressive! I cannot believe how much detail is included and the amount of work that went into this project. This is a must have for any person interested in cycling anywhere in Ontario. Thank you! 🙂 Mike G Burlington Ontario.

  • Dave Fleming - HBN TANS says:

    Great work! Now I have to buy a bike and buy some time to ride. haha.

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