Free Bike Trail Reference Chart

Free Bike Trail Reference Chart

Last year I got thinking that it would be very handy for bike riders to have something they could refer to when looking to go out and ride somewhere new.

Sure you can come to this website and surf for ideas, but what if you also had a condensed list of all the trails as a starting reference.

After much thought and many hours labouring, I think I’ve put together a wonderful list of all 90+ bike trails on this site, in a quick to read format. This PDF file can be saved on your phone, desktop or printed out as reference.



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Here is What is Listed on Our Chart :

Trail Number – number matches the approximate location on the map on page 1

Trail Name – common name for this forest, woodlot, park, Rail trail or BMX park. Links are to webpages with full reviews.

Location – general location in Ontario of trails. Some trail spots do not have exact addresses; refer to OBT website maps

MTB km – total kilometres of mountain bike style trail – combined single + double track

Park km – total kilometres, one way, of Park style paths on paved and soil trails in city parks or forest woodlots.

Rail km – total kilometres, one way, of Rail trail style routes on repurposed old railway lines.

BMX – BMX Park/Racetrack or suitable Skate Park at this location

Skill Level – minimum skill level and rated mainly for that skill level range for your safety and enjoyment.

E = Easy, enough trail here for a beginner to enjoy and learn bike riding
I = Intermediate, enough trail here for a seasoned, intermediate bike rider to enjoy
A = Advanced, enough challenging, expert trail here to keep the pros happy
All = All Levels, enjoyable for everyone; there are enough sections of trail for every skill level to enjoy,  though not all trails may be suitable for all skill levels.

>  Note this rating is not based on distance.  One could ride an Easy Rail trail, which is flat, crushed gravel for 50 km, at which point is not going to be easy for a beginner.

Surface & Terrain – a brief summary of the trail base, general elevation and any added structures (log hops, boardwalks, skinnies, jumps, bridges…) more detail on the site pages

Trail Fee – typical cost (if any) to bike for the day for one adult on a weekend

Rentals – bike rentals are available locally

Toilets – always good to know of pit stops – fancy public washrooms or just an outhouse

To get this free Bike Trail Chart, click on one of the 4 buttons Mountain Biking – Park Paths – Rail Trails or BMX Parks above, or on the green box in the margin.

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In the meantime, I have been very busy with site development, trail scouting and posting trail reviews. These I’ve done first in priority, as the email list builds. 

I have also made (and will update) a Pdf Ebook of the best trail reviews with my own maps and photos, available since 2018. Now in 2019, a paperback book version may soon be on offer. If such a book would be of interest to you, send me a note to encourage me on.

And it goes without saying, if you think of improvements/changes for this Reference Chart list, I am listening, so contact me.

Have a great ride; see you on the trail! – Dan Roitner

March 2, 20188 Comments
  • John Osborne says:

    Hi .
    I was wondering if you include what stage of ebike is allowed on each of these trails?

    • No not yet, it is an ever changing landscape. Many locations banned eBikes at first as a wait and see approach. Now that they have been around for a few years landowners are warming up to the idea. I will start to look into it this season.

  • Trev says:

    I just signed up for the newsletter and did not see the discount code for the eBook.

  • Sherry says:

    please sign me up for the newsletter and PDF trail guide book

    • You need to do this yourself. Select above or on the margin one of the green button bars. Pick the type of trails you ride to start the process of getting an email sent to you to approve your subscription.

  • Brad Giffen says:

    Good Morning Dan,
    My hat’s off to you for undertaking this great project!
    Please count me in —both for your newsletter and for the e-book.
    One note that may be of interest to you as much as it is to me: Where to park my car when I go trail riding. The availability of parking often determines where my (rail trail in my case) bike riding takes place. Thanks again Dan!

    • Brad thanks for the kind words.

      I certainly realize that most trails listed require a car to get to. And upon arriving where does one leave it, safely without getting a ticket. The best I can do is suggest a few public lots along the route to leave it at. There are certain other locations, in the end, you left to make a good judgement.

      In all my years I have never had and issue with either thief or a ticket when leaving my vehicle to go for a ride. Thankful Canada is a big country with lots of space and local governments are trying to make it happen.

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