OBT Newsletter May 2022

OBT Newsletter May 2022
bikes at Harbourfront
Toronto Harbourfront cycling path was very busy during the Covid 2021 summer.

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What a fine week for a bike ride it has been in the province. I hope you have been out enjoying the weather, we’ve got rain coming by Monday so get on your bikes.

After two years of Covid craziness let’s hope it’ll become a distant memory. As riders, we had the privilege of still being able to cycle during the pandemic. And a lot of other people also took it up again. Bikes sold out, parts were hard to find and trails were full of cyclists. Even Rail Trails were “busy”, which normally can be a lonely outing.

Things are starting to return to “normal”. Races are on again, club group rides are scheduled and bike tours are accepting bookings. Now finally we can get back to bike socializing (carefully) with friends, joining cycling clubs, and enjoying the outdoors on two wheels. Wooo Hooo!

Now is a great time to convince local landowners and government services of the importance of trail cycling. I am talking to you, Ontario Parks! Rally your bike club to advocate for new locations to be built and get funding to keep current trails maintained.

Still not riding? Get your pony on the trails! What’s your excuse? I recently wrote a blog post with some quick tips to get your bike trail-worthy for another season of fun in the saddle. Your Spring DIY Bicycle Maintenance

What’s New

My MTB Video – I finally put together my mountain bike book summary video this spring. Late in coming, I think because I knew it would take a lot of work, and it did. I had to go through 10 years’ worth of GoPro video clips to find content.

If you haven’t bought my eBook yet I’m offering it at $1.00 off. Actually, both my ebooks with the promo code – ( you have to get the newsletter to get the code) – are discounted for newsletter subscribers. And now the payment service Gumroad lets you buy a gift copy for friends.

Best Mountain Bike Trails in Ontario

Best Park & Rail Trails in Ontario

MTB hop

Trail News

Buckwallow – I had a long chat with Mike the friendly owner of the Buckwallow Cycling Center in Gravenhurst. Covid closed his MTB trails and since he has decided to retire. Sadly this location remains closed. I thought it would be a nice tribute to all of Mike’s great work to post an interview about the history of Buck. Farewell to Mike’s Buckwallow MTB Trails

Gas Prices – Most riding destinations on the OBT site require driving there. The price of gas to go there and back is even more of a hit now at around $2 a litre. Ouch! This can seriously question whether or not to consider going. An out of city trip can easily cost you $50+ to do!

The good news is that finally, the time has come to buy an EV or hybrid car to make gas less of an issue or not at all. As cyclists, many of you already are eco-friendly minded as I am. This can only help to reduce emissions (that we breathe when road riding) and hopefully reduce the hot summers we are getting from this dreaded global warming.

I encourage you to buy an electric car/SUV/truck and in the short term carpool when possible to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads and to share your gas bill.

As the cycling season is underway, I published another trail review yesterday. I decide to not post a far-flung destination many so riders can save on gas. Centrally located in Toronto, many know it, and perhaps I did not add it sooner because it was so well known. Regardless try it for the first time or revisit this path, it never gets boring. West Don Park Trail


I am going on some great cycling destinations this summer. Some in Europe! I plan to write about them. With fewer travel restrictions I hope you to can get away often too. Start planning your cycling outings soon, places are booking up.


Let the Good Times Roll – Dan Roitner – Peace

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