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Do you know of any Ontario cycling trails that deserve to be added to this site? If you wish to share a great ride with our biking community, please post one on this map.

I will review your suggestions and possibly add it to my list.

To be considered suitable for the OBT site, your trail needs to be:

  • mainly off road, 80% or more with little car traffic
  • worth a few hours of bike riding enjoyment
  • “legal” as in on public land were bike riding is welcomed
  • located in Ontario

Mountain Bike Trail –  Rail Trail – Park Path or BMX Park

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Please note that your trail suggestions will be considered and may take a few months or longer to be added to the website.

WHY?  Unlike other sites, all trail locations are scouted, photographed, researched and reviewed by one person, the author of this site Dan Roitner.

It takes time, planning and some good weather for me to get out and visit each potential trail location. And Ontario is a LARGE province!

This year I am focusing on the westside, from Toronto down to Windsor.

keep riding & exploring… 

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