Quick Update - As of this past week, some bike riding locations have started opening up. It varies by local county and regional park/conservation policies. You need to check their official website or a bike club for the most current and accurate updates on access.

The word out there is because not all ride areas are open, those who are could be too busy. You be the judge or go off hours.

Your trails may also be now one way. Stick to the social distancing plan, do not tailgate, keep to yourself, no grouping after the ride, head home. Sportif riders you have to adapt and slow down.

Enjoy the weekend whatever you make of it - Be Well

MTB Photo Request

MTB Photo Request

Call for MTB Photo Submissions for Guide Book:

As I am working towards publishing a mountain bike trail guide for this spring, while sorting through my photos, I was also thinking that some of you may have taken some great pix.

The focus is on what the trails look like or any unique features encountered with riders in the background or part of a larger scene. Do you have any photos of friends riding over rocks, wooden structures, doing jumps, hopping logs or pictures of interesting sights?

There will be a small payment and photo credit given to grant me the use of the photos in the book. You will still retain the copyright of the images. (Any recognized faces in the images with need a model release as well so I know they are fine with being published.)

Do you have a few well taken shots of mountain bike riders (not just men) on the trail in Ontario?  Please send me samples (at a reduced size) or a link to a page so I may review them.

Here is my shortlist of locations:

Glen Major
Ganaraska Forest
Dundas Valley
Long Sault
Copeland Forest
Limerick Forrest
Harold Town
Eldred King
The Pines
Turkey Point
3 Stage

Have you taken any great photos of mountain bike riders on Ontario trails?. Start shifting through your hard drive folders and let me know what you’ve got.    Contact Dan 

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