Upper Humber – Park Trail

Humber River, Toronto
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Upper Humber – Park Trail
Listing Types : Park Trail
Note : NEW Review
Total Trail Km : 20
Park Path % : 95
Road % : 5
Rate Skill Levels : Easy
Terrain : smooth soil, paved, gentle hills, open field
Faclities : parking, food close by, toilet, outhouse, drinking water, trailhead map, good signage, trails maintained
Trail Fee : Free

Length –  20 km (one way)

90% park path
10% road crossing, detours

Elevation – level, follows the river valley gradual slope

Terrain – wide path, paved asphalt, dirt path at the end

Skill – easy

Maps – good signs, a few maps

Facilities – parking at many parks, benches, kid play sets, only 3 restrooms at Rowntree Mills Park, Ester Lorrie Park and the Arboretum.

Highlights – bridges, natural park setting, arboretum, dam

Trail Fee – free

Phone – 311

Website – City of Toronto

Similar Trails – Humber River south section, lower Don Valley, Highland Creek

Local Clubs – Toronto Bicycle Network, Toronto Bicycle Club

Access – Best place to start is at the south end parking lot at the end of Dee Ave.

Also other lots at local park are at – Pine Point, West Humber Parkland,  Esther Lorrie Park, Humber College, Blue Haven Park, Rowntree Mills Park

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The upper forks of the Humber River offer 20 km of some of the best Park paths to ride in the city. Here in the northwest corner of Toronto runs an easy and enjoyable bicycle route that branches off in two directions.

Starting just below Highway 401, the path winds north for 4 km to where it forks west for 10 km, or take the right path further north for 6 km more.

The ride is very pleasant and varied with no outstanding features, just your typical open, somewhat natural park setting with mowed greens and park benches.

The path is paved for most of the way and popular with local walkers and joggers too.

Bridges take you across the river a few times, and numerous spur trails lead up to the local neighbourhoods. I doubt you will get lost if you follow the river and avoid any side paths that go up. Signage seemed adequate too.

The trail takes you under most road crossings, with only Albion Rd. requiring you to cycle up to the road to cross at the lights.

Taking the west branch of the Humber River Trail will lead you to the dam of the Claireville Reservoir. On the way there is the Humber College Arboretum which may be of interest to some. A nice break to walk about the gardens.

The other north branch meanders in a similar way, through the valley to end as a dirt path at Steeles Ave. West.  Aside from the view of a few towering apts. it’s an idyllic ride with little to remind you that you are still in the city. (which is often the goal)

Though the sides of the river valleys are well treed, the path itself has little shade. I only remember seeing one restroom/water spot on each route.

The best part is, the trail continues south to the lake for another 13 kms once you take a short road detour along Weston Rd. for about 300 meters. Add this to your route would make for one long day ride, that some of you may seek.

Highly recommended as a great bicycle ride for weekend cruising for the whole family.

Full map PDF - 4MB

Upper Humber River bike trail map

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