Taylor Creek – Park Trail Victoria Park to Don Valley, Toronto
Updated March 1, 2018
Taylor Creek – Park Trail
Listing Types : Park Trail
Total Trail Km : 10
Park Path % : 100
Rate Skill Levels : Easy
Terrain : sandy spots, smooth soil, paved, crushed gravel, water crossing, can be muddy, bridges, flat sections
Faclities : parking, toilet, outhouse, drinking water, trailhead map, good trail signage, trails maintained
Trail Fee : Free

Length – 6 km (one way)

80% park path
10% gravel path
10% road detour

Terrain – flat, a few dips at the water, graduale incline up the creek

Surface – asphalt, soil, gravel, alternate water crossing, watch for sand from when the creek overflows

Skill – easy to intermediate

Highlights – bridges, water bridges, duck ponds, fall colours, water crossings

Trail Fee – free

Facilities – 4 parking lots,  washrooms on in the middle

Maps – map at trailhead, signs on trail

Phone – 311

Website – City of Toronto

Similar Trails – Highland Creek, Humber Valley

Local Clubs – TBN – Toronto Bicycling Network

Access –  parking lots at: Pharmacy Rd., Dawes Rd., bottom of Haldon Ave., by DVP enter from Don Mills Rd.

Taylor Creek and Warden Woods are beautiful stretches of park ravine trail that continues onward down the Don Valley trail system. Though short, it has interesting bridges, alternate paths and gorgeous fall colours.

Half way along this trail is an alternate dirt path on the other bank of the creek which is a good loop back for hybrid bikes. (watch for dogs)  The far end of Warden Woods still has some gravel. And there are areas of sand washed up from the creek during storms.

At Victoria Park Ave. there is a long steep hill to the street to take you to Warden Woods which is worth the short side detour to get around the golf course. Take Donside Dr. to Maybourne Ave. go along Dolphin Dr. and down Pharmacy Ave., park trail starts again on eastside of road.

Kids will like to stop at the duck ponds to find frogs and turtles. Park benches, BBQ pits and two washrooms stops add to the comforts of this ride.

An unusual part of this ride is the alternate paths through the creek water. Rather than taking the bridges you can (at your own peril) take the water route across the concrete waterways built for motor traffic.

One is only a trickle, the other two are the main creek and typically ankle deep. If so, traverse in a straight line at a moderate speed in a low gear so you can easily clear it. Otherwise, too fast or too slow, you get wet, you fall… Your call; could be fun, naturally the city lawyers frown on this.

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