Morrison Valley – Park Trail

Trafalgar Rd. & 8th Line, Oakville
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Morrison Valley – Park Trail
Listing Types : Park Trail
Location : Central Ontario
Total Trail Km : 8
Park Path % : 95
Road % : 5
Rate Skill Levels : Easy
Terrain : sandy spots, smooth soil, paved, crushed gravel, can be muddy, bridges, drains well, steep hills, twisty & gnarly, rocky patches
Faclities : parking, food close by, good signage, trails maintained
Trail Fee : free

Length –  8 km (return)

95% park path
5% road, detours

Elevation – most of route follow creek in valley, a few steep hills (to walk) that go in and out of valley

Terrain – asphalt, some crushed stone and gravel,

Skill – easy

Maps – map at trailhead, a few signs on trail, city trail map

Facilities –  parking on street, amenities close by

Highlights – bridges, forest, creek, quite, fall colours

Trail Fee – free

Phone – none

Website – City of Oakville

Similar Trails – Dundas Valley, Oshawa Creek, Taylor Creek

Local Clubs – Oakville Cycling Club

Access – In Oakville it runs parallel between Trafalgar Rd. & 8th Line. Lots of  side streets and paths lead to trail refer to map.

The Morrison Valley Park Trail is a short yet pleasant 8 km bike ride through the middle of Oakville. Most paths run parallel to the water on each side.

This makes for a fun, quick loop up one side and almost to Dundas St. E. and Trafalgar Rd., then back down the other.

Although short, the route is not boring with ever-changing sections of pavement and crushed stone. Half of the path is at creek level, with a few bridge crossings. And other sections will take you up and along the valley ridge.

As the path winds through a narrow, treed ravine that follows the creek, you will briefly experience a feeling of being in the country.

The total length is family friendly, at 8 km return-trip. There are a few steep hills to contend with, so you may have to walk your bike at times. Unfortunately, there are three busy roads to cross along the way so be cautious in your attempts.

If not a local, a suitable place to park is in the lot at the trail’s south end at the Oakville Municipal Building on White Oaks & Trafalgar. Find the trail leading right in on the east side.

At the bottom of the Morrison Trail is a…


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Morrison bike trail map

Morrison bike trail map

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