McLennan Park – BMX Park / MTB

901 Ottawa St. S. Kitchener
Posted on January 21, 2018 / 13890
McLennan Park – BMX Park / MTB
Listing Types : BMX Park / MTB Trail
Location : Western Ontario
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate, Advanced
Terrain : sandy spots, smooth soil, structures, logs jumps, crushed gravel, wood chips, can be muddy, large hills, steep hills, open field, rocky patches
Faclities : parking, food close by, toilet, outhouse, drinking water, change rooms, lodging, trailhead map, good signage
Trail Fee : Free

Features –
4X course – 280m intermediate
Pump Track  – 53m beginner 
Free-ride – 183m all levels
Jumps  park – 152m all levels

Elevation – built on the side of a large hill, lots of climbing = fast descents…woo hoo

Terrain – build on the side of a large hill, fast and fun

Surface – clay soil (will be a mud patch after it rains), rock & wood structures, jumps

Skill – all levels

Facilities –  parking lot, washrooms, skatepark

Highlights – fast ride, lookout

Hours – 6am – 11pm

Fee – free

Phone – 519 741 2345

Website – City of Kitchener

Similar Parks – ROC, Sunnyside

Local Clubs – none

Access – park at the base 901 Ottawa St.

Though not large, it is a good size and not your standard concrete skateboard affair.  BMX and Free-Riders will have a bit of fun here since it was designed for that purpose under IMBA guidelines.

This ride location “Mount Trashmore” in Kitchener was a former landfill site and is gradually being transformed into a suitable place to ride.

This area is built with soil and wooden structures on the side of a grassy large hill. Not a lot here but there are a few challenges for every level.

Mountain Bike riders can practice their skills and do a few loops for fun. A skateboard pad is just beside the base in the park if you want to play on that too.

One can race with friends; four at a time on the course. There is a small pump track for beginners and kids.

The free-ride course has a few skinnies and drops with boulder gardens, a teeter-totter and wall rides.

The jump park has two runs with 3 lines for different levels over a series of dirt jumps and rollers.

One thing has me wondering if this spot works for the BMX crowd. Being built on a hill face, you sure do go down fast BUT there would be a lot of climbing back up.

BMX bike do not have low gears for a climb so are they happy with walking?

Helmets are mandatory, kids 6-12 need supervision, no pets.

Bike Park PDF Map

Mclennan BMX Park layout

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