Kissing Bridge – Rail Trail

Guelph to Millbank
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Kissing Bridge – Rail Trail
Listing Types : Rail Trail
Location : Western Ontario
Note : Cruising
Total Trail Km : 45
Park Path % : 95
Road % : 5
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate
Terrain : sandy spots, crushed gravel, drains well, open field, rocky patches
Faclities : parking, food close by, toilet, outhouse, drinking water, lodging, trailhead map, good signage, trails maintained
Trail Fee : Free

Length – 45 km (one way), G2G trail continues to Goderich +79 km

95%  rail trail path
5%  road crossings, detours

Terrain – mainly flat as rail lines go, gradual hill down to covered bridge

Surface – crushed stone, gravel, rocks, grass, tall weeds, gopher holes!

Skill – easy, intermediate, on west side gets wild and rough

Maps – map boards, sign at gates, milestone markers on some of the route Google map

Traffic – bicycles, hikers,  x-country skiers, snowmobiles

Facilities – parking lots, a few outhouses, some food and lodging

Highlights – Montrose covered bridge, large farms, Mennonite community of Elmira and St. Jacobs

Trail Fee – free

Phone – none

Website – Kissing Bridge Trailway , G2G Rail Trail

Similar Trails – Millennium, Omemee

Local Clubs – GORBA

Access – Parking lots in Ariss, West Montrose, Elmira, Wallenstein, Linwood, Millbank and other sideroads.

The 45 km Kissing Bridge Rail Trail is the eastern segment of the G2G Rail Trail route through the middle of prime Ontario farm country.

Starting just outside of Guelph it is the most used and redeveloped stretch of this 127 km old rail line to Goderich, on the coast of Lake Huron.

As with most rail trails, depending on how much manicuring and maintenance local volunteers do (give them a hand & donation), will dictate how the terrain goes.

I found the east side out of Guelph past Elmira in great shape. The path was wide, mostly crushed stone with some grass patches. As you progress to the west end close to Millbank things used to get real rough but that has changed and now it has been resurfaced. Oh joy!.. carry on for another 79 km to Goderich. 

The West Montrose covered bridge “Kissing Bridge” on the Grand River is the main attraction along this route. You will need to detour 2 km south to get to it and to cross the river as the railroad company took the bridge out likely to sell it for scrap.

Unfortunately, you will again have to detour along the road about forty-five minutes later while trying to cross the Conestoga River. 

In the middle of the route, Elmira is nicely placed and is large enough to find lunch or a place to stay over. Just south of here, about 7 km, you could play tourist and visit the famous St. Jacobs Market.

You may also find a few amenities further on and into the towns of…


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