Caledon – Rail Trail

Terra Cotta to Tottenham
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Caledon – Rail Trail
Listing Types : Rail Trail
Location : Central Ontario
Note : Popular
Total Trail Km : 39
Double track % : 90
Road % : 10
Rate Skill Levels : Easy
Terrain : smooth soil, crushed gravel, bridges, flat sections, open field
Faclities : parking, food close by, toilet, outhouse, drinking water, lodging, trailhead map, good signage
Trail Fee : Free

Length – 39 km (one way)

90% rail trail path
10% road, detours

Elevation – A flat path with some slopes to the west and a large bridge to ride over Hwy 10.

Terrain – Crushed, hard-packed limestone, with gravel, soil, and tall grass. The east end gets rather rough.

Skill – Easy

Maps – There are many directional and interpretive signs.

Traffic – Bicyclists and hikers, as well as the occasional horse and cross-country skiers in the winter.

Facilities – Services in most towns are listed, with picnic benches and portable toilets on the trail in Inglewood and Caledon East.

Highlights – The charming towns of Terra Cotta, Caledon East, Palgrave, and Tottenham.

Phone – None

Website – Town of Caledon

Similar Trails – Thorton CookstownKissing Bridge,  Oro Medonte

Local Clubs – Caledon Cycling Club

Access – There is parking for a few cars on side streets, as well as a large lot on Hwy 10 at the Ken Whillans Resource Management Area; the towns of Tottenham, Palgrave, and Caledon East are also good starting points.

As one of the most popular Rail Trails in Ontario, the 39 km Caledon Rail Trail takes cyclists along a pleasant route through farm country and small towns.

Its popularity is due to the fact it was one of the first, and it is the closest Rail Trail outside of Toronto. As a result, the paths are well-maintained, have ample signage, and are never too busy. (But what rail trail is?)

This route has a mix of terrain; mostly graded, crushed limestone, and while only some is double-track the entire trail is a wide and established path.

There are also quiet tree-lined stretches that cut through typical Ontario farm country, with many vistas to take in including fields, farms, wetlands, country homes, and neighbourhood backyards. You may even see some wildlife or a beaver den.

Along the way, riders climb very gradually up and down the Niagara Escarpment, although you will likely not notice these subtle inclines.

The path travels over the Oak Ridge Moraine and across many established hiking trails, as well as…


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Open Street Maps

Caledon Rail Trail map - east


Caledon Rail Trail - west

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