Ajax Waterfront – Park Trail

Lake View Drive, Ajax
Updated January 13, 2018
Ajax Waterfront – Park Trail
Listing Types : Park Trail
Note : Cruising
Total Trail Km : 13
Park Path % : 95
Road % : 5
Rate Skill Levels : Easy, Intermediate
Terrain : sandy spots, paved, bridges, gentle hills, open field
Faclities : parking, food close by, toilet, outhouse, drinking water, trailhead map, good trail signage, trails maintained
Trail Fee : Free

Length –  13 +km (one way)

95% park path
5% road, detours

Elevation – flat sections, rolling gentle hills, for a coastline hiller than you would expect, small bluffs

Terrain – wide paved asphalt, very little sand or gravel

Skill – Easy crusing

Maps – well signed, large map boards, follow the white centre line – website map

Facilities – parking on street, washrooms, kids playgrounds, park benches

Highlights – waterfront views, bridges, marsh wildlife, beaches, nuclear plant and wind turbine

Trail Fee – free

Phone – 416 943 8080

Website – Waterfront Trail  Town of Ajax

Similar Trails – waterfront trail continues in both directions, Rouge Waterfront,  Beaches Boardwalk, Hamilton Beach

Local Clubs – Durham Cycling Club, Oshawa Cycling Club

Access – start at the many parking lots along the path

The Pickering GO train station is close by for those who do not want to drive there, just  north of where you can start.

The Ajax Waterfront trail, on the eastside of Toronto, has some of the best waterfront Park trail along Lake Ontario.

I recommend this section being very scenic, paved and free of cars. The views of the lake are almost continuous. This unfortunately is lacking on the westside of Toronto.

Surprisingly there are a few rolling hills and it winds nicely to not make things boring. Most of the trail follows along the top of the low cliffs along the lake.

Expect a cooler ride, you are down at the water’s edge with the lake breeze. And that is welcome on a hot day. Along the route are “comfort stations” and benches to sit and gaze out over the water.

I suggest starting this section of trail at Frenchman’s Bay marina in Pickering at the bottom of Liverpool Rd. From here one rides east to Lynde Shores Conservation Area.

Beyond either end takes you away from the lake and up around the bays which you could certainly ride if you wish.

Going east the first part takes you around the ominous nuclear plant, past a giant wind turbine. Then you are back by the lake and will cross Duffins Creek via a long metal bridge.

Beyond this, is open parkland and small beaches. You can turn back at Shoal Point Rd. or go up and around a small marshy bay through Lakeside Park back to the waterfront and east to the next marsh at Halls Rd. – Lynde Shores.

There is one tricky intersection, behind the power plant, where you have to cross at the lights at the bottom of Brock Rd. which can have traffic.

The rest of the route is all paved park trail and is in great shape. I noted little gravel and sand and it was not hard to ride.

This is a popular trail on weekends, so expect other bikes, strollers, dogs, joggers…

Pickering Waterfront bike trail map

Pickering Waterfront bike trail map

Ajax waterfront bike trail map

Ajax waterfront bike trail map

Whitby waterfront bike trail map

Whitby waterfront bike trail map

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